WF101NTYA4LNN0:10.1 inch IPS 1920×1200, Quantum Dot (QD) TFT Display



■ Size:10.1 inch
■ Resolution:1920×1200 dots
■ View Direction:IPS
■ Interface:LVDS
■ Driver IC :HX8290-B
■ Brightness(cd/m²) : 500

WF101NTYA4LNN0 is a 10.1-inch 1920×1200 WUXGA resolution TFT-LCD module. This display adopts IPS technology, presenting a wider viewing angle of Left:80 / Right:80 / Up:80 / Down:80 degrees. WF101NTYA4LNN0 is equipped with HX8290-B driver IC, supporting a 2ch-LVDS interface. The aspect ratio of the module is 16:10, and its surface uses glare glass.

The power supply of the display is 3.0V to 3.6V (The typical value is 3.3V). The operating temperature is from -20 to +70 °C, while the storage temperature extends from -30 to +80°C.

This TFT module offers a regular option with Quantum Dot (QD) display technology (Model no.: WF101NTYA4LNN0#000). A Quantum Dot-based backlight can improve LCD color performance by providing a wider color gamut, higher optical efficiency, enhanced contrast ratio, and reduced color shift. As a result, the QD LCD option is very suitable for high-end medical equipment.

Link to WF101NTYA4LNN0 web page.

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