Quectel 5G webinar

Quectel 5G webinar

16 July 2020


Prijavite se za besplatan QUECTEL webinar o 5G tehnologiji i načinima njene primene.

Webinar je 30. jula 2020. u 15h CET.

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Dear Customers and Partners


Discover how 5G technology is transforming the world!


5G, the 5th generation mobile network, has attracted worldwide attention in recent years with its promise of increased data speeds and lower latency. However, there is no doubt that it will take some time before 5G is universally available. 5G, where deployed, is already empowering all aspects of various industries and dramatically changing how people live. As an industry, we are all curious to know more about the status of network deployment across the world and we are keen to see what new inspirations 5G will bring to us.


Join our live webinar on 30th July 2020 when Quectel IoT experts will share with you how:

  • 5G technology is transforming the world to be connected, smarter and safer.
  • To cooperate in the 5G eco-system to achieve business goals.
  • Pioneering uses cases based on 5G innovations are being deployed in different regions.

Gain IoT inspiration from cutting-edge 5G applications


Quectel is a leading provider of 5G modules with a wide product portfolio. Our 5G modules are available to support global customers for a variety of industrial and consumer IoT applications, including:




business routers



home gateways



customer premises equipment (CPE)






industrial IoT



industrial laptops and PDAs



digital signage



4K/8K live streaming



and many other bandwidth-intensive use cases.


We look forward to meeting you online. Let’s explore the wonderful 5G world together and discover how Quectel 5G modules can support your devices with the mass deployment of 5G networks globally.



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Positioning (GPS / GLONASS - Quectel)

Poznavanje tačne pozicije u određenom trenutku odnosno pozicioniranje je zahtev koji se sve češće postavlja pred dizajnere el. uređaja.

M2M (GSM/3G/4G - Quectel)

M2M (Machine To Machine) je mogućnost 2 uređaja da komuniciraju međusobno. Za ovu oblast mi preporučujemo GSM module firme Quectel.



QUECTEL je firma proizvođač GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA, GPS/GNSS modula.

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